Have you been shadow banned on Instagram?

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Instagram can seem like a battle field at times. Hundreds of hashtags, millions of profiles, all fighting for the same thing. Likes and followers. Whether you are in it to gain exposure for your brand, product or yourself, it’s all the same. We have to navigate Instagram complex and ever-changing algorithm.


It can make you feel slightly defeated at times too.  After spending time and effort in a comprehensive Instagram brand strategy or just personally to put your profile on the map, it can be very frustrating when you see your engagement suddenly drop for no valid reason. And Instagram is getting real sneaky at controlling who can/can’t see your posts….which brings us to shadow banning…


Are you not getting as many follow/likes as you used to? You might have been shadow banned. It means that Instagram is now restricting your posts and that they no longer appear in some or all of the hashtags you are using.


“Why are they doing it? I am not breaking any rules”…


Well, Instagram is trying for profiles to grow through “story-telling” and that brands/individuals should not rely on hashtags only (their words, not mine.)
It might also be that you are advertising yourself as a business when you are a person, but also that you are using the same hashtags over and over again. It seems to trigger the insta bot into shadow banning.


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How do I find out if I have been shadow banned?
Instagram is being super sneaky. Even if you think you have been shadowbanned and you check yourself you will see still your posts in the hashtags feed. You need to log out/ have a friend to check it for you.
Alternatively, you can also check here: http://shadowban.azurewebsites.net/ (Disclaimer: a lot of people seem to say this is not 100% accurate, take it with a pinch of salt)


How do I fix it? 
It seems that the following help:
-Hold on from posting for a couple of days
-Remove hashtags from your last few posts
-If posting try to not use hashtags or if you really must, put them in the caption
-If you have a business account, switch back to personal and unlink your FB page from it.
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Instagram has an ever evolving algorithm and it will forever bring new surprises. It safe to say that there is not an easy buck to be made on Insta anymore. You need to work harder / pay more to reach out to your audience!
What are your thoughts and your tips to reach your Insta audience? Comment in the section below!

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5 Tips I learned as a Digital Nomad to work better on the road

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White sandy beaches, epic mountain background, and you, just with your laptop, working from everywhere you chose too. The dream right? Well… yes, but sometimes it’s not all that easy. Here are five easy tips I learned from my time working from one country to another!
1.Get good headphones. 


While this sounds (no pun intended) obvious, I can’t explain how many types of headphones I tried before finding the right one. I tried Beats with batteries in it…ended up spending a fortune in brand new AAA and they broke rather quickly. Tried cheap ones from the airport which funnily enough ended up breaking as well. I am now loving Audio Technica ATH-M50x which was not too pricey and ended up lasting so far (a little bit of a challenge with my constant moving around.)
It allows to cut myself away from the background noise and really get focused regardless of where I am working from.
Here is a bunch of them reviewed for you: http://www.trustedreviews.com/guide/best-headphones


2.Don’t forget to drink water
Whether you are in a coworking space or working from a cafe, it’s often very easy to end up drinking coffee after coffee or give in to a fizzy sugary drink. I use a bobble filtering water, so it means I can drink from (nearly) all water sources. Make it more fun with some lemon, mint, and raspberry in it or any pretty fresh fruit combination of your choice. And did you know? According to a study in 2013, drinking the sufficient daily amount of water makes you 14% more productive! So, bottoms up everyone!


3.Ensure… everything! 
Insurance on the road is key! Don’t delay it, do not ask yourself if it is really necessary, do not tempt fate! As someone who was stupid enough to not listen and not get insurance in some of my previous travels, I ended up having to pay a crazy amount for hospital bills and replacing equipment. As a “Digital Nomad”, my livelihood depends on my laptop and my phone, but also my health as I cannot really afford to be sick.


4.Work Day Packing Checklist 
I personally forget stuff easily. Ask me random obscure facts about the feeding patterns of certain species of sharks and I am all over it, but do not ask me where I last put down my phone or headphones. To make sure I take everything with me before a work day/session, I double check I have the following:
-Laptop and phone charger
-Cash /card
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Hiking in France during Nomads Camp – Photo: Mickey Fitz // Action Academy


It’s very easy to guilt-trip yourself when you work on the road. “I’m really lucky to be here [INSERT NICE LOCATION], I should spend the entire day working to make up for it.” Well… Sometimes, yes, we got to do what we got to do. However,  I need to remember why I have chosen this lifestyle…and it’s to be flexible enough to do the things I love most, in new and exciting places.
So go outside! Explore, go for walk, swim, a bike ride! Whatever it is which can clear your mind! I cannot even start to advocate enough the work/adventure sports balance! I feel so much more ready to take on emails after a quick (still working on the “quick” though) morning surf. If you are interested in learning more about how to have a good balance work/sports, come and join me on the Action Academy Nomads Camp for a week of surfing and co-working in Tenerife!