Have you been shadow banned on Instagram?

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Instagram can seem like a battle field at times. Hundreds of hashtags, millions of profiles, all fighting for the same thing. Likes and followers. Whether you are in it to gain exposure for your brand, product or yourself, it’s all the same. We have to navigate Instagram complex and ever-changing algorithm.


It can make you feel slightly defeated at times too.  After spending time and effort in a comprehensive Instagram brand strategy or just personally to put your profile on the map, it can be very frustrating when you see your engagement suddenly drop for no valid reason. And Instagram is getting real sneaky at controlling who can/can’t see your posts….which brings us to shadow banning…


Are you not getting as many follow/likes as you used to? You might have been shadow banned. It means that Instagram is now restricting your posts and that they no longer appear in some or all of the hashtags you are using.


“Why are they doing it? I am not breaking any rules”…


Well, Instagram is trying for profiles to grow through “story-telling” and that brands/individuals should not rely on hashtags only (their words, not mine.)
It might also be that you are advertising yourself as a business when you are a person, but also that you are using the same hashtags over and over again. It seems to trigger the insta bot into shadow banning.


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How do I find out if I have been shadow banned?
Instagram is being super sneaky. Even if you think you have been shadowbanned and you check yourself you will see still your posts in the hashtags feed. You need to log out/ have a friend to check it for you.
Alternatively, you can also check here: http://shadowban.azurewebsites.net/ (Disclaimer: a lot of people seem to say this is not 100% accurate, take it with a pinch of salt)


How do I fix it? 
It seems that the following help:
-Hold on from posting for a couple of days
-Remove hashtags from your last few posts
-If posting try to not use hashtags or if you really must, put them in the caption
-If you have a business account, switch back to personal and unlink your FB page from it.
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Instagram has an ever evolving algorithm and it will forever bring new surprises. It safe to say that there is not an easy buck to be made on Insta anymore. You need to work harder / pay more to reach out to your audience!
What are your thoughts and your tips to reach your Insta audience? Comment in the section below!

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