OLCAN Marketing offers a wide range of digital marketing to small and medium sized businesses.


“REBOOT Your Marketing”

Our “Reboot” consultation is your first step towards a successful, comprehensive, well rounded and sustainable online marketing strategy. We work on a one-to-one basis with small businesses and we want to understand how you run your business to help you implement these solutions in a way that makes sense.

What will we discuss?
-Website Optimisation and Design
-Search Engine Optimisation
-Social Media Management / Growth / Planning

We have conducted over 350 of these consultations and believe it’s a great way to have a better understanding of your future marketing.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Your website might be looking great, but is Google’s algorithm properly referencing it the way you would it be? Make sure your keyword strategy is the best it can be and climb up those rankings.  We are here to help you navigate the often confusing world of search engine optimisation (SEO.)

With 5 years experience in building SEO, we are confident that we can help implement a successful strategy for your website. From optimising the keywords in your photos, reviewing your text and blog content to tweaking your heading and description, our SEO services will help your organic traffic increase. Email us today to discover more ways you can improve your SEO!



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Influencers Marketing & Ambassador Programs

The power of social media and the way individuals use it nowadays has forever changed the way marketing is done.

“Consumers spend an average of 2min, 8sec on influencers content. This is almost seven times longer than digital display ad average of 19.2 seconds based on viewability standards.” Collectivebias.com – Moat Analytics – 2017

We will research, structure and run your ambassador/influencers program. Hand picking them so they social media reach is profitable to you and match perfectly your brand images and advising you how to grow your social media followers to attract better individuals to advertise your product.



Social Media Management & Account growth

Although many businesses are now aware that it is crucial to maintaining a strong social media presence, sometimes it all comes down to time, staff and skills.
OLCAN Marketing offers an easy a straightforward social media management program. You send us content and ideas about what you would like to see on your social media and we will optimise it, create a schedule and post it for you.  No more rushed posts, no more delegating to untrained staff your social media.

We also offer short-term account growth services! Want more followers? We can help you! No software, real engagement, which we take care for you.


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We understand that every business is different, therefore so are their digital marketing needs and budget.

Call or email us today to discuss your goals and get a personalised quote.

Olcan Marketing Ally Toullec

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OLCAN Marketing’s brand mission is simple: bring the best advice and social media consultancy to small and medium businesses.

Ally Toullec, originally from Paris, is a BHons Journalism with History of Art, Design and Film graduate from Kingston University, London. She then went on graduating from the University of Hong Kong with a Master Degree in Journalism. Her passion for the water then led her to travel around South East Asia and Australia for 4 years as a dive instructor in parallel to her work as travel blogger and Internet Marketing Manager.

After a short stint living in the Maldives, Ally went onto working for PADI, the leading scuba diving training agency for over 3 years. In her role, she has conducted over 350 digital marketing consultations bringing her SEO and website optimisation expertise to small businesses in over 17 countries around the EMEA region. Her responsibilities also included national and international advertisement campaign at a brand level, communication planning and social media advertisement optimisation.

The idea for the business came to Ally while skiing in the French Alps. Its name, OLCAN – which means wolf in Celtic – was chosen in an effort to bring together both the idea of wilderness, power and her own Celtic roots.

Ally now lives in Morzine in France throughout the winter, running OLCAN Marketing, exploring the mountains most days and is actively engaged in reducing plastic waste and protecting natural habitats.


Ally provided excellent service - she was reliable, took the time to fully understand our business and made confusing terminology simple. She helped us make informed decisions on what kind of marketing would attract our target clients and she worked directly with our website designer to implement clever SEO to our very successful new website. We continue to rely on her expert advice for our current and future marketing campaigns. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.

Liz BellAssociate Director, Absolute Project Management London Ltd.

It's the little things that make a big difference: It doesn't matter how much you think you know about digital marketing, online customer experience or your own brand - having a fresh pair of eyes take a look will highlight things you never even thought of. Our consultation with OLCAN was fantastic - it wasn't just a list of what we were doing wrong, they offered immediate solutions before any further work had begun. Their modern, aggressive approach was exciting; we didn't feel like just another client on their list. It doesn't feel like we've hired a consultant, but rather welcomed a new member to our team.

Mickey FitzCo-Founder, Action Academy

Ally is amazing! It was obvious from the beginning that she had taken the time to fully get to grips with what we are doing and that she has a huge passion for our industry. She talked us through areas we previously had little understanding of, came up with heaps of innovating ideas to help us move forward. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jenny Tröber Founder, Boundless Betty


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